Why My Old MLB Shirt May Attack You!

Hey, everyone! Sorry about the lack of updates recently but between raising my newborn son and rehearsing with Alter Bridge I have not had a spare moment.  I actually typed up a blog entry earlier this week but as I went to preview the post my laptop glitched and I lost the whole thing. My laptop came dangerously close to becoming a flying projectile. Haha.

Anyway, in my last blog post I spoke about going to a BBQ at Johnny Damon’s house in Orlando. He lives just four houses down from me. I was able to go but was only able to spend about an hour there due to family commitments. Regardless, it was great seeing Johnny again and good times were had by all. My brother, Michael took a picture that I thought you all might like to see. I’m not in it because it was taken after I left but it includes Alter Bridge’s bass player extraordinaire Brian Marshall (right), our singer Myles Kennedy and Johnny himself.Dsc03121

Johnny and I were talking about the Red Sox which got me to thinking about Bill Mueller and the MLB shirt that he gave me. In order to do this we will have to backtrack to the Creed days, more specifically the Human Clay tour.

We were all invited to Pac Bell Park by Jeff Kent. Before the game he brought us all into the clubhouse to meet the players. I met most of the players and before I get to Bill I want to give a shout out to J.T. Snow. I heard that during a nationally televised FOX broadcast two years ago he was asked what one of the coolest non-baseball moments in his life was. He said it was hanging out with all of us. I was absolutely humbled when I heard that. So if you are reading this, J.T., please know that the feeling is mutual. You are and always have been one **** of a ballplayer.

I met Bill Mueller in the weight room when he was working out. He and I talked for a while about baseball, music and working out. During the conversation I asked him where I could get one of the shirts that he was wearing. It was a black, MLB logo sleeveless t-shirt. He told me that he would get me one and I thanked him. After a few minutes he was like " hey man, I’ll just give you the one I’m wearing." He then took it off and handed it to me. The guy gave me the shirt off his back! Bill, my friend, you are a class act and a gentleman.Ph_119482

I wore it on stage the next night  at our San Francisco show. After I had it washed first, of course. Ever have a shirt that fits you so perfectly that you wear it all the time? Well, this was that shirt. I think I wore it just about every night from that point forward until the end of the tour which was about a year later. By the end of the tour the shirt was so beat up and worn out that I had to retire it. Not to mention the fact that my other band mates would tell me how it could stand up by itself in the corner.

I recently tried to find it but I could not. It may have become a living entity after one year of sweat, blood and rock and roll. So beware! If you see a sweat crusted, black MLB shirt slowly creeping down the street, its mine. Call the hazmat team and run away!

Mark Tremonti

Hey, make sure you blog along with me, too — you read mine and I’ll read yours. There’s a 30-day free trial here so get your MLBlog and pick your favorite team and post a comment here to let me know you’ve signed up!


  1. ibleedpurple@gmail.com

    “Sweat, blood, and rock and roll” — I love that! And I’m feeling you on the lost post blues – that happens to me now and then and the second time you type it up, is never as good as the original. Such is life with technology, though… good luck with the songwriting and take care of that baby! πŸ™‚

    – Brian Thompson, http://www.fulltremonti.com

  2. thong_1st@hotmail.com

    Hey Mark, Awesome stories dude. Got any Blue jay’s related ones?

    Take care Man, looking forward to seeing alter bridge again at the London Astoria in november.

  3. dancinghobo63@hotmail.com

    Cool, its nice that you take time to inform your fans, appreciate it. Also i got tickets for your UK Manchester date later this year….so **** excited!!!!

  4. gregbaum2000@yahoo.com

    thanks for sharing these great stories mark and congrats on your newborn. please release one day remains and start rising on the charts. been to four of your concerts and love you guys. keep kicking ***!!!!!!!

  5. sts97@hotmail.com

    Hello Mark, I am not too familiar with Creed as I am pretty much an oldtimer now. I thought I read where Creed were originally a religious type band. Then I hear some of the stuff on one album my niece played that was anything but religious sounding.Maybe I maybe I have Creed mixed up with another band Could you comment on this?



  6. leehangil@hotmail.com

    Hey Mark.
    I’m your big fan!! and

    I want to challenge you!!!

    I’m da ping pong master!!! mwuhahahahaha.

    Come on and face me with your pingpong racket!

  7. Johnny

    Great story Mark!! I had no idea you were such a huge baseball fan.

    Congrats on your new boy!!!

    I am a new dad as well, my son was born on July 21st.

    Your wife Victoria may remember me from the PRS 20th anniversary party and the California Speedway show.

    Whenever I had the chance to meet you I would let her know that my wife was pregnant as well.

    Thanks for making great music and the great guitar workouts from Guitar One!!!



    Oh yeah, in San Diego you told me you wanted Ed Hardy to give you some free stuff.

    I talked to them and they said they would love for you to come in and hook you up. i gave you their contact number @ the California Speedway. If you need any more info, e-mail me.

    Rock on!!!!

  8. jkozy007@aol.com

    hahaha, it’s funny because there are like 9 different promo shots for either strings or PRS or just Creed in general with you wearing that shirt.

    Rock on

  9. bpmanuel@bellsouth.net

    hey man,

    i’ve been a big fan of yours scince My Own Prison. I play guitar my self, my friends say i’m good but i think i’m just ok. I tried to learn every creed song, and i learned over 50% of em. There all awsome songs and i enjoy playing them. i’m 14, and one of my dreams is to be a guitarst like you. Well man i better get off my bro wants to get on i just wanted to say hi and rock out!!!

    -Jay Manuel

  10. alterbridgegrl20@yahoo.com

    hey Mark,

    What’s going on Man,

    i love Reading your Blog’s they are Very Interesting to read. You crack me up everytime when i read them. i been a fan of Creed Since 1997 and than you guys broke up than Alter Bridge came along and the New Band Rocks what can i say i love the cd ” One Day Remains it’s awesome with a alot of great songs on it and you and myles make a great team. i love the whole album so i can’t pick which is my favorite lol . i saw 2005 All Star Home Run Derby when you guys perform ” Open your eyes ” you guys sounded amazing but all my friend’s and Alter Bridge fans and i where talking about the Perfromance and we said Myles Voiced sound bit different if he was sick or Nervous or Off Key lol and when you did your solo my mouth just dropped i was like **** and **** yeah and i had a huge smile on my face i was like GO MARK lol and i also watch the Legends vs Celebrity Softball game at Comerica Park in Detroit and you where on the American League Team and i remember when you where up to bat the Anncouncer said your 1st name wrong he said Mike Tremonti of Alter Bridge and i had a fit i was like it’s MARK not Mike how can you get Mark with Mike **** lol and i was happy that your team won . i am a Huge Sports freak if you can tell. i love Baseball i have too many favorite teams but i would have to Say Boston Red Soxs and Detroit Tigers and right Now i am watching NESN against the Boston Red Soxs Vs Detroit Tigers Game i am rooting for both teams but mainly i am rooting for Boston cause i am from the New England Area i live in Maine . I used to play Tee Ball, Baseball, Soccer growning up than in High School i played Softball . i just started playing the guitar and i am hoping too get as good as you one day i own a SR Steel Reinforced Neck Acoustic Guitar everyone asking me do you want to take lesson’s i go not yet i want too teach myself and get the hang of it i don’t want to play Mary had a little Lamb Borning i want to play stuff like Metallica, Pearl Jam GNR, Creed, Alter Bridge stuff i listen too . I always wanted to play guitar since i was young like you but never had the chance and now i will be 20 in Novemeber 21st i have the chance. I was going to see you guys in Concert when you where in Hampton NH but i was in Florida ( Orlando ) awesome City and State i call From my 2nd Home i been to florida twice and love it there. we where in Orlando from March 18 – March 26 and i was visiting family and friend’s and i met alot of boston red soxs fan down there and we talked about Baseball . So i was bum out that i couldn’t go see you guys in concert cause i didn’t really have the money and i was kind of upset but i got over it and i am hoping too see you guys in concert and alot of my friends been bugging me about Alter Bridge tour dates and i go i don’t know lol . i was talking to my friend Sara Zeck She your cake lady and she told me about the cake story and i am laughing so hard it was funny and she saw i was a huge Alter Bridge fan and a fan of you and we talked and i ask her which member of AB do you think i act like she goes that’s easy Mark with a lil bit of Myles cause i told her about one of my friend Kris who i was talking too and he goes wow you have alot in common with Mark and i go yeah i didn’t know i was his sister and she was laughing so hard it was funny so i told her see where i get it from lol . so Sara gave me this nickname Miss. Tremo – Kennedy you can tell it has a funny story too it and another friend of mine Brittney who from Ponatic Michigan he also a huge fan of your’s gave me the nickname Tremo chicka so i have two Alter Bridge Releted Nicknames. By the way my name is Kandice Dubois i met Myles Friend Sean threw Abb.net Forum really nice guy he told Myles about me how he met a True and Huge Alter Bridge fan and how i support you guys and i got alot of my friend’s into Alter Bridge now and i am still working on adding more too . Congrats to you and Vicki with the New Baby i hope Austen will follow your footsteps and be the next great Mark Tremonti . you rock man and i hope sometime i go see Alter Bridge in concert i would love too meet ya . My Aunt Passed away in Feb. 2000 and when i listen to ” In loving Memory ” you wrote about your mom it makes me cry cause my aunt was like a 2nd mother too me and i used to spend alot of time with her growning up but when i sing it i feel better and i also lost a friend of Mine in 2003 and 2004 one of a Drug Over Dose and Murder. i love Writting Songs i listen to Creed and Alter Bridge songs too give me great idea’s too write and i love singing Alter Bridge songs i sang down to my last and my friend mouth dropped as we where listen to the cd she like you hit the high notes like Myles Kennedy can perfectly i got yup . i had this great Idea i thought of i ask alot of Alter Bridge fans should Alter Bridge Perform Guns ‘ N Roses song Paradise City and they agree with me . I Hope to hear from ya and read your next blog again and i am going to watch Boston Red Soxs and Detroit Tigers game so holla at ya later you rock .

    Rock on and Keep Tremonti & Alter Bridge Pride Alive

    ~ Kandice Dubois ~ From Maine

  11. theconfederatesoldier@hotmail.com

    yo Mark,
    I love your music. I’ve been listening since “My Own Prison”. I basically learned how to play the guitar from playing your songs, I mean, my dad has played since he was little so he taught me and my bros the chords and such. I have loved every new song that you have come out with. I really like Alter Bridge. I like how your bringing the solo back into things. I was wondering if you had any kind of instructional video. I checked out the videos of you doing sweep picking and legato and all that other stuff. And I wanna learn how to do that stuff. I hear you live in Orlando. Thats where I was born. All my family lives near there and I love visting. And hopefully I’ll get back there someday. I know you probably hear this all the time, but youve been a real inspiration to me. With your awesome guitar skills. I love it all, from the slow finger picking, to the awesome solos you bust out. Anyways, I know you probably dont have much time ever, but if you get the chance, could you let me know if you have an instructional video or something like that? I would appreciate it very much. Thanks for your time and for making awesome music to listen to.

    Git er Done,

    Jared Browning

  12. sinyc.delgage@gmail.com

    ‘Ey Mark!

    Off-topic from your post, though you’ve probably heard it all before – you are one of the biggest inspirations I’ve ever had towards music. I’ve been playing guitar for a little over 10 years now and up until the days of Creed I never really followed anyone. When I started listening to Creed, I was determined to learn every single song. Which I just about have.

    I was destroyed when the news broke out about the disbanding of Creed – but was even more ecstatic when I heard about Alter Bridge. Waiting for One Day Remains to release was torture. To be honest? I think Alter Bridge rips Creed up big time! The riffs are way cooler, and the style is exactly what I’ve always wanted to hear in music.

    You’ve been the biggest inspiration to myself and Alter Bridge has been a huge influence towards my band. Hopefully one day, we may be picked up by someone. Just need the right people to hear us, and maybe we’ll get somewhere. But even if the day comes that we’re rivals, I’ll still and always will worship your love for music, and skill with the guitar. You’re makin’ history, baby! πŸ˜‰

    Keep rockin’ man.

    – Al.

  13. nury_lizbeth@yahoo.com

    Hey Mark,
    Firts of all, I would like to send you a warm HELLO from Panama City (not Florida)Central America. We (my brothers)and me really enjoy so much the work done both during CREED and Alterbridge. We think you are an awesome guitar player…we are expecting future albuns with Alterbridge having the same sound and lyrics quality. Hope someday you can come down here to Panama. Or next time we go up to US we can join you in a show!

    Blessings, from Panama


  14. jhendrixman@yahoo.com

    i like ur blogs. u r without a doubt my favorite guitarist of all time and u are a HUGE inspiration to me. ive only been playing guitar for a little over 2 years now but im thinking thats wut i want to make a career out of if im lucky. i really want to go to one of alter bridges concerts, but i dont think u guys would ever consider coming to a small town in southern oregon, although we have had some big ones like ZZ Top come here. but if u did come, that would be awesome. ur guitar skills are insane and u have that beautiful guitar that PRS makes. i am trying to save up for that one. i almost got the treble pickups for my les paul, but i knew they wouldnt sound the same on a les paul.
    well anyways keep rocking and have fun with ur music and touring!!!


  15. wesley_fuller@aapt.net.au

    G?day Mark. My name is Wesley Fuller and I live in Perth, Western Australia. I was wondering if Altered Bridge is coming to Australia any time soon.
    Also- I was wondering what the pyramid that the band makes on the inside cover of the ?Weathered? cd- I think it means something- because it means something very specific to me in regards to my own songwriting. I have written a solo album titled ?Enemies in Trinity? which draws a lot of its themes from the Creed song ?Bullets?. I use a triple rectifer and I still remember the first time I heard one for the first time.

    I would like to get a 1306 t-shirt like the one you?ve got. Does it?s meaning have anything to do with cracking ?base 10??

    Lastly- I was wondering what your thoughts were on Marilyn Manson? He?s been giving me headache amongst other things for a while now. He can be in two places at once it seems.

    I?d love to hear what you think.

    Wesley Fuller

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