WWE Raw Tonight!

I just wanted to let you all know that myself and the rest of my bandmates in Alter Bridge will be appearing on WWE Monday Night Raw tonight. It airs on Spike TV at 9:00EST. I do not know what I will be doing on the show but they want me there early to tape some backstage footage. Hopefully that will not include a chair shot to the head.

Come back here tomorrow and I will talk about my experience as well as talking about some baseball.

Mark Tremonti


  1. alterbridgegrl20@yahoo.com

    Hey Mark,

    Thanks Awesome i can’t wait too see what you guys have planned for tonight or what you guys are going to do your brother Michael told us Alter Bridge fans about it on abb.net forum when i heard it i was like yes i was really happy and i can’t wait lol and i can’t wait too here some more baseball story’s i was wonder did you watch the Boston Red Soxs vs Detroit Tigers game when they played in Comerica Park in Detroit Michigan and than just last week they played Detroit Again in Boston MA i did i was just wondering if you did cause since your a fan of both teams i had you on my mind durning those games .

    Have a Good Night

    Happy Beleted Birthday that was on April 18 .


  2. lcedwards@hotmail.com

    Hi Mark,

    It’s awesome that you take the time to do this! I love reading your stories. Do you get to dress up in wrestling costumes tonight? HA!

    Hope to see you all soon again in Chicago!

    🙂 Lisa

  3. nexttremonti01@hotmail.com

    whats up mark!!

    i read this to late to watch the wwe raw tonight!! i am soo mad! hopfully AB is plannin on comin back to detroit for another show soon! its awesome your playin with shinedown and 3 doors down, its gonna be a kick *** show for sure!! alright, keep the stories comin man! later..


  4. j_rae86@hotmail.com

    G’Day Mark,

    Im a huge fan from Newcastle Australia and was wondering if Alterbridge had any intentions to tour down here. I caught the weathered tour when Creed were in Newcastle and the poster I bought is still hanging in my room, you guys rock.

    Also can you tell me if and how I can get an Alterbridge t-shirt shipped over here.

    Cheers and keep pumping out the awsome tunes,


  5. sagerald@comcast.net

    Just a simple Thanks for allowing us into your head. The stories are truly amazing.
    Thansk alot Mark!!

    Say hello to your mates Myles,Brian and Flip and your brother Michael.


  6. soaringeagle911@gmail.com

    What’s happenin’ Mark. I saw you guys at the Roxy in Atlanta 4/29/05 I believe, and you guys frickin’ rocked. Since this is the last time I’m likely to speak to you, I want to tell you what a big influence you have been to me as a guitarist. I spoke to you for a while out back at the concert and you seem like a really great guy, you know the kind of guy you wanna drink beer with at a bar while watchin’ sports. Maybe sometime we can jam together and you can show me some tricks on the old axe. Your band is awsome and the guys in it are just great. Met ’em all as well. I still have that pick you threw out in the concert half-way trough and I wonder if you’ve got the pick i gave you. My photo got screwed up but who cares. You are a big inspiration to musicians all over the world.
    Miles, Brian, and Scott you guys rock. Hope to play with you guys someday.


    Ryan Toney

  7. sernarjr@gmail.com

    Hey Mark,

    This is Rose from Dallas,Tx. I went to the site, I guess it wasnt updated, to see the WWE performance, and I missed it. Will you guys ever come out with your performances or a live show?

    Anyways- I plan to go to the concert in Beaumount Tx but now with the hurricane I dont know how its going to be over there, but if everything goes well I will hopefully get to meet you guys. Do you all plan on coming to Dallas? Its nice that your doing this blog, its nice to get a hold of you somehow, lol. Talk to you later.

    Sincerely , Rose 😉

  8. tremontifann@aim.com

    Hey Mark,

    i just wanted to say Hey and thanx for beeing so nice to me at the hampton show ( 4/1/05)in Hampton NH , I’ll be looking forward to more of your blogs, see u on the road..



  9. tremonti_lp@hotmail.com

    Hey Mark,

    Great to see you all getting some good exposure on WWE. I can’t wait to see you all live in Louisville come October! You have been such an inspiration to me and my guitar playing. Everytime I play, I just try to improve my skills by working towards your level of skill. Thanks for the great music you’ve given fans with Creed and Alter Bridge. Rock on man!


  10. cjt008@gmail.com

    I happened to catch WWE last night and saw your performance…even though it was cut short, it was tight. Anyway, when do you and the band plan on performing near Chicago, IL? I checked your current tour and it’s mostly southeast states. Thanks for your consideration.

  11. fwaseta@hotmail.com

    Hi Mark!
    I can’t believe that I’m writing a comment and that my favorite guitarist in the whole world is gonna read it, it’s totally mindblowing! Anyways, I wanted to say that even though it’s nearly 3 months, congrats to you and your wife to a baby boy! Oh, I cannot wait to see you and AB in Phoenix this coming October! I saw the concert last year in Scottsdale, 3 days before my birthday, and that was the best day ever! I hope I will have the chance to meet you and the rest of the band! It’s been really hetic because I’m still in High School, so I gotta do homework, basketball practice, making time for friends, but I always going to the net to check up on you guys, no matter what! As always, your posts are very enjoyable to read, and sometimes I wish there were more, but it’s all good! Thanks for taking time to read these! Hoping the best to you and your family and Flip, Brian and Myles!


  12. soaringeagle911@gmail.com

    Mark my bro came up with a great joke that you could do in a video or somethin’, but it would be hillarious. I hope if you respond to these messages you do it through my e-mail cuz it would be cool to send you pics of me playin live on guitar. It would be cool to keep in touch or somethin’ but I know your busy. I just need big stars as friends to help get my carrier off the ground. My Dad personaly knows R.E.M. and is aquainted to Kenny Rogers, so I figure Alter Bridge and R.E.M. are enough friends in big music. So I want to play guitar with you and rock at the soundchecks and warm up and **** with the band. So I hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanks for the time on reading endless garbage.

    Ryan T. (of the prievious post)

  13. jeffro5422@hotmail.com

    How’s it going Mark? I’ve caught you guys on tour twice in Indy and once in Chicago. I plan on being at the Evansville and Louisville shows on this leg of the tour too. Just wanted to say that you rock man! Thanks for being such an inspiration and a generous performer. The connection you guys have with your fans absolutely sets you apart from every other band. I’ve got the AB cd on everyday and I look forward to your next one. Take care with everything man. Rock on.

    Jeff T.

    (alterbridgeband.net poster)


    Since 3DD is headlining the tour you’re on now, you guys should go out back and hang out with the fans during the other band’s sets. Just a thought.

  14. the_real_ianlang@hotmail.co.uk

    Omg Mark is gonna read this, you are my hero, in my opinion best present rock guitarist. I cant wait to see you guys on Raw, but in the UK its normally on later. I hope this next question isnt a common one, just that with the PRS lawsuit stuff, when your singlecuts, like get old, are you going to have to use say Mcartys again or customs etc? Oh and I will see you and the boys in manchester in november, i will be front row as usual. KEEP INSPIRING ME MAN!

    Ian Lang

  15. rucker03@hotmail.com

    awesome if i had a tv id have to watch it, I was wondering if you did anything with up and coming bands that would be awesome

  16. pandora2628@aol.com

    Hey Mark,

    I was not able to tune in the other night due to our power outage, but thanks to Belinda(aka Beenflipped)i was able to downnload the segment and watch it. It was hilarious. You guys looked so serious. It was nice to get a glimpse anyway.Seems as though it has been forever…..Won’t be much longer, I will be in Atlanta on the 10th. Can’t wait! I am looking forward to seeing you guys again. Oh, and by the way, make sure you have an extra wristband! LOL


  17. bpmanuel@bellsouth.net

    hey man

    I missed your WWE raw peformace, i wish i could see that. I’m from Louisiana, And i was goin to the Baton Rouge area for you concert, will yall still perform there scince the Hurricane? -thanks man and keep rockin-Jay

  18. inmommyto3@yahoo.com

    What’s up Mark?
    Been a while since we saw you all in Ft. Wayne, IN. We were able to catch you guys on WWE last week. Have to say you are all looking great and well rested. Time to tear it up again. Congrats on the birth of your son. Hope he and your wife are doing well. Thanks for adding an IN date, but unfortunately, we won’t be able to drive that far. Maybe next time around. Have a great time and keep rockin’.


  19. steveng@belkin.com

    Yo Mark
    Congrats on the birth of your son. I recently had a little bundle of joy come into my life alittle over 5 months ago, it’s great isn’t it. Anyways, I didn’t get to catch you guys on WWE because I don’t have cable, but I bet it kicked ***. I am bringing my fiance with me when I see you guys on Oct. 11th because she has not EXPERIENCED Alter Bridge yet. Looking forward to see you guys again for the 3rd time. Hopefuly I get to meet you again at NAMM this year as well. Not many musicians with your reputation would do this and answer their fans back, that says alot about the type of person you are and I know we ALL appriciate it. Thanks being a great guy and an inspiration to me and countless other guitarists around the world. Take care and Rock on!!!


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