WWE, The Demon and the White Sox

What’s up, everyone. First, I want to talk about our appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw. We had an incredible time and everyone we spoke with that was associated with the WWE could not have been cooler. They are truly a class act company.Wwe_raw_038

After we got there we shot some backstage footage with Edge, who actually uses one of our songs, Metalingus, as his entrance theme. A bit of chaos ensued when Todd Grisham interrupted us but I am happy to report that none of us got hit by any flying chairs or anything. We also met John Cena, the World Champion, and he commented on the Boston Red Sox hat I was wearing. Turns out he is from Boston and is a Red Sox fan as well. **** yeah.

We were then brought up to our skybox to watch the show which was very entertaining. I tell you what, I have all the respect in the world for the wrestlers and I could not believe the pounding those guys were taking. Edge had a brutal match that ended with him and Matt Hardy taking a hellacious fall off the top of the entrance runway. I wanted to see Edge after the show but he was taken away in an ambulance. I’ve been trying to call him for the last two days but have not been able to get ahold of him so I hope he is all right.

What does all of this have to do with baseball you may ask? We’ll, I’ll tell you. You see, I would never have met Edge nor anyone on the Red Sox, for that matter, if it was not for one man….. Dale "the Demon" Torborg. Daletorborg Most of you probably know his dad, Jeff Torborg, who is a former MLB catcher as well as a MLB manager.

Dale is one of my closest friends and is one of the coolest guys you will ever meet. He also has lived around MLB his entire life. He always tells me stories about growing up in MLB clubhouses. Playing whiffle ball with George Brett in the clubhouse between innings, running around with Ken Griffey Junior as kids, stuff like that. I always told him that he should write an autobiography.

Dale played some minor league ball but had to stop when he blew out his knee. After that, he taught Madonna how to play ball for the film A League Of Their Own. Pretty cool. He then began wrestling in WCW under the name The Demon. It was in WCW that he met his wife Christi who also wrestled under the name Asya. The two of them just had a baby girl about a week and a half ago.

Dale loved wrestling but I think baseball always remained in his blood. After he left WCW he worked with his dad as the strength coach for the Montreal Expos and, after that, the Florida Marlins. He is currently the strength coach for the entire Chicago White Sox minor league system. Actually, he called me up two days ago and told me that the MLB coach was either sick or injured and that he was going to take over in the majors for a while. I highly suggest that the opponents of the Chicago White Sox tread lightly. ******* off the Demon would be bad. Very bad. Haha.

Bottom line is that I would not know half of the baseball players I do nor would I be a fan of the Red Sox if it were not for Dale Torborg.

Anyways, thanks again for all the comments everyone. I’m reading all of them and I hope to answer some more of them early next week.

Mark Tremonti


  1. tremonti_lp@hotmail.com

    Hey Mark,

    It’s good to hear that you and the guys had a good time at Raw. I used to be a fan of wrestling but grew out of it as I got older. I know I had told you how much I look up to you in my other comments but I just wanted to tell you again that no other person has influenced me to be the best at something than you have. Just watching live videos of you ripping it up on stage makes me jealous but at the same time it makes me strive that much harder to improve my playing. Anyways, I had a quick question about your upcoming tour with 3DD. Since you all are the opening act, about how many songs will Alter Bridge be doing? I know you all probably won’t do a full set but please do as many as possible! (Especially Find the Real) And is there any chance of meeting you all after your set? Either way, I can’t wait till Lousiville! Thanks again Mark, ROCK ON!

    Jordan Montgomery

  2. tremontisized384@hotmail.com

    hey mark, my name is kyle, i met you on one of the first days of your tour, at clutch cargos september 23 ’04 in pontiac michigan, your dad loved my shirt from prs guitars.com, remember me? probubly not but im glad you had a good time, congrats on your baby boy, when do you have time to see him and your wife with such a busy schedule, i also just wanted to say you are my biggest idol, and have been for a long time, i picked up a guitar because of the music you wrote, your new material is kinda tricky but im getting it, i wanna thank you for the memories and helping me through my life by way of music… thanx mark maybee we’ll meet again on stage someday, haha! ROCK ON! kyle

  3. alterbridgegrl20@yahoo.com

    Hey Mark

    you guys did a Awesome Job i was shocked when you guys perform ” Find The Real ” Acoustic Backstage with Edge i thought you guys where going to do Edge theme song but i was wrong and it was funny when Myles was shaking his head when Todd Grisham interrupted you guys he looked Mad and i was like No One interrupted Alter Bridge when they perform c’mon there the Best Rock Band and i agree with Edge you guys have a kick *** album . John Cena is from West Newbury MA and yes he is a Boston Red Soxs fan like you and i and he the WWE Champion not World Champion lol anyways . Speaking on you guys album ” One Day Remains i am listen to Metalingus right now and when i listen too it some reason i act like you lol now i am watching Boston Red soxs vs Tampa Bay Devil Rays game and i want Boston to win **** yeah and yes i remember Dale “the Demon” Torborg i been watching Wrestling for 15 yrs so i seen alot of wrestlers growning up as a lil kid. i have some friend’s of Mine who work for the WWE a friend of mine Name is Kyle he is a Trainer and another friend of mine Tyler he a show Manager and he told me some storys about the guys and he told me the story about Edge that couple guys pranked edge and cut his hair while he was sleeping i was laughing my *** off but it was kind of mean anyways. i am looking forward to reading more of your blogs and hope too see you guys on the road.


    Kandice From Maine

  4. mbrusso3@aol.com


    Glad you enjoyed the WWE show. Nice to hear AB on the show as well. Have seen you guys 4 times. Twice in Philly, once in Sayreville NJ and once in Atlanta at the Roxy. Met you guys out back. Had you sign a ton of stuff for my daughter (the one who gave you the rose at the Starland Ballroom). We’ve been fans since ’97. Still need a Mark Tremonti guitar pic. Seen you 9 times since ’01 and still denied. Would love to see you back in Jersey or Philly. When are you guys coming back? Would love for you to sign our Tremonti PRS after the show. LOL. Keep rockin. Tell Myles the “Alter Bridge” turtle kicks ***.

  5. pandora2628@aol.com

    Once again,you have taken yet another avenue to communicate with your fans. I just wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated. You are truely amazing. You,my friend,are a class act!

  6. pandora2628@aol.com

    Once again,you have taken yet another avenue to communicate with your fans. I just wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated. You are truely amazing. You,my friend,are a class act!


  7. soaringeagle911@gmail.com

    Hey Mark, thats frickin awsome. It’s cool how you met alot of people, and yes those guys realy do take a beating don’t they. Even though its a show, they still do get hurt. Lookin’ forward to seein’ you guys in Atlanta if I can make it. Gas prices ****, but God help those people on the Gulf coast.

  8. allstar_ss@hotmail.com

    You should definately come to a Sox game the next time you come to the Avalon. The first concert was amazing when we swept the Angels. You guys should chill in town an extra day and hit up the Sox game and go to the north end for some awesome italian food. Rock on and go sox.

  9. webmaster@metalingus.de

    Hey Mark!

    I’m glad you had such a good time at the WWE-Show and I really like reading your posts here!

    Sad thing you cant make it to Germany this time! But I’ll be in Amsterdam for sure and maybe even in Glasgow!

    I hope I get the chance of talking to you again!

    Thank you one more time for your music. It means the world to me!

    Rock On!

    Jonas from http://www.metalingus.de

  10. ncarinoparra@loyola.edu

    Hey, can I hang out with you?

    You guys did promotion for One Day Remains last year with DC’s rock station, DC101. The director of the station (Joe Bevalaqua??)interviewed you guys and asked you how it felt changing the face of Les Paul guitars, something like that. What did you think of that interview? I heard that he ended up playing with you guys on stage during the tour at the 9:30 Club. What was all that about? Did you guys do that show in Louisiana?

  11. 2beach4us5@adelphia.net

    Hey Mark, last Friday I posted a comment, but I did so at the end of this page and it was under your Jason Grimsley blog…I meant to do it under your most recent one at the time…I hope you see it.
    Thanks for adding Toledo and Youngstown to your tour….and for some baseball talk, what are your thoughts on the Indians? Thank you, Karen

  12. mtkohl3041@aol.com

    What’s up, Mark? I moved this past weekend, and was offline for a whille; so of course I missed your WWE appearance the other night, but sounds like it was a blast. So here it is, September 1st, and my Phillies are hanging on to the Wild Card lead by a thread…win, lose, win, lose…why do they do this to their fans??? My cousin was called up the other day though, by the Mets, when Piazza went on the DL. The latter is not good news for Piazza, as I’m hearing that he may be done for the season; but if he is, I could get to see my cousin play before the season ends. It’s been a few seasons since the last time I saw him play; so I’m sure you understand my excitement over that possibility. Anyways I can’t wait to see the band again, in Philly or somewhere, and can’t wait to read your next entry.

    Be A Good Dad, and Keep Rockin’ and Bloggin’Always!


  13. tremontifann@aim.com

    Hey Mark!

    I hope u had a good time at WWE.( I feel real bad lol, I missed the show that night). I’m looking forward to more of your blogs, they are so much fun to read!.

    But before I go, I have a question I hope you can answer for me.

    Im having a little trouble dooing solos on my guitar, I somtimes get lost up on the frets or my fingers dont move that quickly, and I was wondering if you can give me some pointers..? ( I have been playing for a year and I know 4 Alter Bridge songs, the tabb book is awsome lol)

    Thanks Mark, U Rock…See u on the road!

    Come Back to Boston or Hampton NH lol..I’m miss the shows! 😀


  14. nubbins123@hotmail.com

    whats up mark, glad you had a good time with all the wrestling stuff. sounds fun. lookin foward to seein your performance at the big spring jam, in huntsville…bring a hat and sunscreen, trust me, ive lived in AL all my life and this is definetly the worst summer yet. like tremonti lp, i too picked up a guitar after hearing your sweet lick in the beginning of In Loving Memory. so i hope it does you good to know youve influenced a ton of teens my age to start playing an instrument and get off the couch and do somethin. youve come to huntsville AL before but i wasnt able to go to that performance but my friend did and said it was wicked awesome, so im hoping the same of this one since youve had even more expierience playing together now. well, g2g, good luck at the jam. oh yea and its frickin awesome that theory of a dead man is opening for yall!! c ya at the jam

  15. phelan_tom@hotmail.com

    Hey Mark,

    I’m not to sure if you’ll end up reading this or not, I’m 15 and from Australia, im a big fan of alterbridge, creed and most defenetly your number 1 fan from down under. I must say I love for what I would call freedom of your guitar in alterbridge, wich makes having myles(shredder of rock vocals/voices) playing the guitar in some songs a kickass thing. I’ve been trying to get alot of my freinds to listen to alter bridge ive had some sucess but what realy ticks me off is when i tell them about alterbridge and they imediatley assume it sounds exactly the same as creed.

    I’m also a guitarist, alot of my freinds call me a master riff composing. One of my solo preformances in my music class, all my male class mates took there ties off and tied it around theres heads then raised there hands and then when i was finished my teacher made comment to me, she said “like vai”. THat was an awsome feeling You probaly looked up to steve like i look up to you, you are a ledgend and if i was commented “like tremonti” i probly would’nt have clean underwear any more (im joking, but the feeling would probaly make me shred like i was on litteraly on fire). ALot of the songs i write end up sounding like alterbridge or creed songs, when i end up finding out where and how i try to fix it without ruining a song.

    One day i was playing the very first song i worte with the band and i ended up changing some of the notes with out them noticing wich made it sound almost the same as “Higher” BUT then when my solo came i did your solo from “Down To My Last”, i swear my mouth was open as wide as it does when i work with my wah peddal. What also opens my mouth wide is that I work with a very tallented, beautiful female vocalist. So it makes some songs easy for me to write, but the band actualy lets me do vocals aswell. We all have alot of passion for music and the same respect with eachother.

    BASEBALL, im from australia and we do have a leage, but its not that widley known. But baseball is played in almost every high school. This year i played for the interschool team, I played in the outfield and i must say baseball beats our cricket it’s defenetly more fun to play but if base ball took over the cricket in Australia, Australia would lose one of its traditional icons. I still love playing baseball though.

  16. trufanuk@aol.com

    Hi Mark,

    I know you probably will not have time to answer to this, but it’s worth a try eh? Haha. I was just wondering if you ever saw the June issue Total Guitar with Tom Morello on the front cover? The reason I ask is becuase I sent in a picture of me with you, when I met you outside the London Astoria in March. I was really hoping you would see it. Though if you haven’t, I’m planning on bringing the issue to the Nottingham, England show in November, because it would mean a lot to me if you saw it! Haha.

    Anyways, really looking forward to seeing you and the guys in Nottingham!



  17. sinyc.delgage@gmail.com

    Question: When’s Alter Bridge going to be coming to New Zealand?! I’ve been holding out for you guys to come! I need to experience the Tremonti live!

    ps. Dale Torborg is god.

    *shakes fist*


  18. echelon122@alterbridgefans.com

    I wish I hadn’t been driving home from Submersed…then I’d have seen it live. LOL.

    I can’t wait till this weekend…it’s been entirely too long. I’m really excited to see you guys out with 3DD and Shinedown!

    Hope life’s treating you well.

    Peace, Erin



  19. tangz22@hotmail.com

    Hey Mark!!

    Two things…

    1) I BOUGHT A PRS!!! i fell in love with them ever since i first heard you play one back in God knows when…

    and 2) Alter Bridge and FOZZY (Y2J’s band) should play a show together! HAHAHA

    catch ya later

    Mike, Boston… GO REDSOX REPEAT!!

  20. dren0369@hotmail.com

    Hey Mark,

    Ive been listening to your guitar playing for years, i dont know what to say you’ve inpired my playing so much. I wish you would start teaching music, hahaha. Hey could you do that? instructional video tape? covering everything. Your a guitar hero now!! at least to me and 30 million people. Anyays please put Prince George B.C, Canada on your tour list, i really want to see you guys play.

  21. gregbaum2000@yahoo.com

    dude i just heard scott stapps new song. i gotta admit i hoped that you and scott were both really talented and there was gonna be twice the great songs that there were when creed was together. But now i know that u had to be the driving force. that song is not real good, and i love your album even if it didnt get the success you hoped for. but it will come. you guys are awesome. i’ve been to four concerts and will be at my fifth when you come to evansville. cant wait to hear your new stuff. rock on mark.

  22. troubadourster@gmail.com

    Hey Mark…

    Any thoughts of Alter Bridge solely producing the next album? It would be awesome if you guys did that and released it on your own label. You are too good to have to be tainted by the bureaucracies of the industry.

  23. hugejass55@cox.net

    Mark, you’ve been an inspiration to me. “What’s This Life for” was the reason i started playing electric guitar, and now i live rock and roll! Of course with college and work its hard to put in the 7+ hours a day i hear that you do but i try, and i respect the hard work that goes into your music and it shows in every song. I had the pleasure of meeting you and Myles after the show in Providence, RI back in February. Even though it was about 1am and close to 0 degrees, you took the time to meet us and take one last photo–now that should be on VH1s most metal moments!

    That night was without a doubt the best show ive ever seen (including my SRV and Led Zepp DVDs) and will be until you guys come back to visit again. I can’t wait for the next album and show when you come back to rhode island. Every album you’ve released i like even more than the previous! (hopefully you might add some live tracks too, for us die hard fans. theres tons of bootlegs out there but the quality is terrible! someones hand held recorder doesnt do justice to the tone from that PRS!)

    take care (stay away from helicopters, losing one guitar god that way was tragic enough!)

    Wes from Rhode Island

  24. tremonti324@aim.com

    Hey Tru
    I haven’t been in to wrestling for a while. Been getting more into music and baseball. Glad you had a good time. If I had known you guys were going to be on I would have watched it. But Mark, you are the man. I saw you last February in Hartford with Alter Bridge…most amazing show that I have ever been to. Hope to see you guys up this way again sometime. Peace man!

    Mike Benton from Connecticut

  25. Johnny

    Hey Mark!!

    It was great to see Alter Bridge on WWE Raw. I wish the Red Sox the best of luck.

    It’ll be great to see Alter Bridge again, I haven’t seen you guys since April. Since you guys are playing at the Gibson Amphitheater over here in L.A., I will be taking my new son (who will be 3 months old). Will there be any way to meet you guys after the show? My son is already a huge fan!! I made him an Alter Bridge and a SRV t-shirt.

    Thanks for the link to Total Guitar. I picked up the magazine and enjoyed it!!



  26. jsalinas15@satx.rr.com

    Hey mark!

    OooooHHH… I am totally pissed that I didn’t catch Alter Bridge on WWE. Oh well! Hey, I just saw a special on the Red Sox. It was on HBO i believe. The Curse of the great Bambino! Im only 21 and never really knew the whole history of the Red Sox, and it was great! If you get a chance check it out! I already got my tickets to see you all here in San Antonio, Texas on October 1st! It will be my 3rd time catching Alter Bridge. 1st time sunset station, last year and 2nd time was at Fiesta Oyster bake at St. Marys University… Freaking Awesome… I hope I will be able to meet you’ll this time. Maybe atleast get a pick. Im such a big fan and look up to the whole band and album since im a BASS/Guitar Player(local band Article of Control http://www.articleofcontrol.com), and Pro Tools Enthusiast! I love the whole process! Hope you read this and if you do, I thank you for taking the time!

  27. jake_hdyk@fastmail.fm

    Hey Mark,
    I just wanted to say that I think your the greatest guitar player ever, and that your one of the reasons I picked up guitar. I wanted to buy one of your signiture guitars, but they dont sell them right now so I bought a PRS Santana SE which is still a decent guitar which I love, but hopefully they will be selling again. I love Alter Bridge and the whole album. Right now I really like “Burn it Down”.

    I especialy like your solo in that song. I cant wait til’ the next album comes out, or a music video dvd. So, I saw the

    “Open your eyes video” and how do you play your solo so fast!

    Your such an inspiration, and ive been listening to AB each day since it has come out. I hope one day I’ll be able to meet you. Your my fav guitar player and your in my fav band. Well if you’d ever want to drop by my xanga its http://www.xanga.com/tinalover001 and I hope you write back , I know busy, or if you cant thanx for reading this comment.

    Huge Tremonti fan!!!! – Jake

  28. emissarygtrist@aol.com

    Hey Mark!!!! I’ve seen you guys 4 times!!! Love the band, esp. Micheal. I play and have thought of buying a PRS before but havn’t because of the thin bodies. I own a 57 les paul and just heard that PRS one the law suit congrats!!! Well I was wondering how thick is your guitar and are there any plans of making one with a trem, I would love that!!! Thanks for your time, see you one the road soon!!!! WE NEED ANOTHER SINGLE

  29. ajcarson1@hotmail.com

    hey mark, i find it scary that i am actually getting to comment on something that you will eventually read. Thats so awesome! I am an extreme fan of alter bridge, (you probably get that a lot) and any of my friends could tell you that i talk about you and alter bridge all day. You inflenced me to pick up a guitar, and everyday i come closer to playin find the real for softmore talent show. You are really a great influence, and an even better guitarist. When will the next album come out? I am kind of scared to hear it, because i know that it will be 5 times better and more complicated than the last! which is a good thing, but i can’t keep up! your awesome and thanks

  30. venkman365@hotmail.com

    hey Mark, how it going, just wanted to say i think ur an awesome guitar player, i acutally met you in march at the show in london England after the show at the backdoor, i pulled out a metaliica wallet n you said how cool u thought it was! haha, iv just picked up an Tremonti SE finnaly and i love it, im acutally fixing up my own tribal design like the one on your singlecut,since iv got into AB and ur guitar playing iv been playing so much, i can almost sweep pick to a mild extent :D, i was really suprised to see you guys on RAW, im a big wrestling fan and a big AB fan, so it was twice as kool! il be seeing you at the London astoria in november, already got my ticket 😀
    its awesome to see you connecting with some of your fans this way dude!

    thanks alot

    Leo Patten

  31. lpomar@aptiumoncology.com

    Hey Mark,
    I saw Alterbridge play at the New Oasis in Reno, NV back in January of this year. I live 3 hrs from there but it was well worth the drive. I am a big fan of yours and almost got to see a Creed show a few years back but the show was cancelled. Anyways, my question is, when are you guys going to play in San Francisco? Or even Sacramento, please!! We Northern California fans are dying to see you guys,hopefully soon!! And Mark, your the best and congrats on the new baby!! – Lani

  32. fuperfoshizzle@hotmail.com

    Hey man, my last comment was deleted so I hope this one gets through. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you’ve opened up a new playing style and new doors for my music and guitar skills. Also, I have always wondered this, can you ask Myles if he remembers my grandma? (She worked on Rockstar as the script supervisor, name is Adrienne Hamilian Mangine). Anyway, I hope to see you in KC soon! Also, you need to get PRS to make a tremolo model of your guitar and a 24 fret with the flame maple tops! Bye.

  33. wesley_fuller@aapt.net.au

    G?day Mark. My name is Wesley Fuller and I live in Perth, Western Australia. I was wondering if Altered Bridge is coming to Australia any time soon.
    Also- I was wondering what the pyramid that the band makes on the inside cover of the ?Weathered? cd- I think it means something- because it means something very specific to me in regards to my own songwriting. I have written a solo album titled ?Enemies in Trinity? which draws a lot of its themes from the Creed song ?Bullets?. I use a triple rectifer and I still remember the first time I heard one for the first time.

    I would like to get a 1306 t-shirt like the one you?ve got. Does it?s meaning have anything to do with cracking ?base 10??

    Lastly- I was wondering what your thoughts were on Marilyn Manson? He?s been giving me headache amongst other things for a while now. He can be in two places at once it seems.

    I?d love to hear what you think.

    Wesley Fuller

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