Thanks For The Comments

I’ve been reading the comments all of you have been leaving and I figure if you have taken the time to write them then I should take the time to answer them. So here we go….

hahaha, it’s funny because there are like 9 different promo shots for either strings or PRS or just Creed in general with you wearing that shirt.

Rock on

Yes, I was not lying. That shirt promoted MLB as much as it promoted PRS, my strings or my former band. I wish I still had it.

Great story Mark!! I had no idea you were such a huge baseball fan.

Congrats on your new boy!!!
I am a new dad as well, my son was born on July 21st.
Your wife Victoria may remember me from the PRS 20th anniversary party and the California Speedway show.
Whenever I had the chance to meet you I would let her know that my wife was pregnant as well.

Thanks for making great music and the great guitar workouts from Guitar One!!!


Hey Johnny! Congrats on your new baby boy. It is definitely a blessing. Thanks for checking out Guitar One. If you enjoyed that I will be doing another lesson that is a little more in depth around November for Total Guitar Magazine. I’m actually on the cover right now in both mags so check out the links provided. Best of luck with your guitar playing and your newborn son.

Hey Mark.
I’m your big fan!! and
I want to challenge you!!!
I’m da ping pong master!!! mwuhahahahaha.
Come on and face me with your pingpong racket!

Hello Mark, I am not too familiar with Creed as I am pretty much an oldtimer now. I thought I read where Creed were originally a religious type band. Then I hear some of the stuff on one album my niece played that was anything but religious sounding. Maybe I have Creed mixed up with another band Could you comment on this?


Hi Bill. Actually Creed is my former band and I now play in a band called Alter Bridge. We got asked that question alot in the Creed days and our answer, still to this day, is that we were a rock band without any kind of agenda. Our lyrical content just happened to be mostly positive and it did not have any questionable content. So I guess you could say we were good for the whole family. Check out our new CD, One Day Remains and let me know what you think.

thanks for sharing these great stories mark and congrats on your newborn. please release one day remains and start rising on the charts. been to four of your concerts and love you guys. keep kicking ****!!!!!!!

Cool, its nice that you take time to inform your fans, appreciate it. Also i got tickets for your UK Manchester date later this year….so **** excited!!!!

Hey Mark, Awesome stories dude. Got any Blue Jays related ones? Take care Man, looking forward to seeing alter bridge again at the London Astoria in november.

God, I love how you always mention the BoSox. Come back to the Avalon soon!

"Sweat, blood, and rock and roll" — I love that! And I’m feeling you on the lost post blues – that happens to me now and then and the second time you type it up, is never as good as the original. Such is life with technology, though… good luck with the songwriting and take care of that baby! 🙂

– Brian Thompson,



    Hey Mark,

    I don’t wanna sound like I’m kissing your ***, but I will: just want to say my respect for you skyrocketed after I saw you replying the comments. People always say you and the band are down to earth, it’s true. How many rock stars take the time for this ???!!!

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the diapers! lol

    and come to Brazil for a gig in So Paulo, we’re dying to see you here. The Brazilian AB board has over 1,100 members!

    Rock on!



    Hey Mark! (and Michael, lol)

    It’s Stijn here! (not stigen nor stijen, hahaha)

    great you’re answering peoples comments! And so cool you’re sharing your baseball stories with all of us!

    And also many thanks for using one of the pictures I took on ur first post, I guess u know how much I love both Alter Bridge and Baseball! haha..

    You can find more pics I’ve taken at

    Also I hope you like the photographs I’ve given you at the glasgow show back in june!

    cyas in november!

    – Stijn

    p.s. Keep on rockin and say hi to the others!


    Hey Mark, I never thought that AB would give Baltimore a visit for the tour. You guys are great for being so approachable, waiting and freezing my *** off was so worth it to meet you and Myles. Keep on rockin’ and never spend too much time away from your son, otherwise, you’ll guys end up strangers under the same roof. Its not fun, trust me, love, peace, and taco grease.



    Hey Mark, I love what you’re doing here. Great stuff. You are such an influence on so many people, including me…so thanks. My wife and I have seen you on tour 4 times already (and were fortunate enough to spend time with you in Des Moines) and look forward to the next time you’re in the Minneapolis area. Who were your favorite players growing up and who are your favorites now? BTW, nice job in the Celebrity All-Star Game.

    Mike Dixey


    Hey Mark,

    Wow! I took that picture at Beloit Riverfest! Isn’t it the best? The crowd was already throwing up the horns and you guys hadn’t even played one note! Thanks for all the time you have taken to hang out with us (The Fans) you’ve always been good to my crew! Brian and I do Full together, so thanks for the props on that!

    Take Care,

    Ashlee (That Crazy Girl who brought you that Metallica DVD.)


    Hey Mark, This is awesome! I love hearing all your stories! Keep ‘um coming!
    Congrats on the new baby!! Although I am not yet a parent, I hear it is wonderful!

    Thank you for all you do for us fans, you rock!

    I look forward to seeing you soon,



    Yeah, I was just gonna pop on here and transfer some of the glory for over to Ashlee, cause she’s the one who really whipped my *** into shape about finally finishing it up (she was gonna rip up my ticket to Monday Night Raw in St. Louis if I didn’t finish my part on a deadline! haha) but we enjoy doing what we can to help promote you and the guys. Much love to the AB family… 🙂

    – Brian


    hey Mark. what’s up man?

    i had to post a comment in the end because the ping pong comment was pretty funny. i’d also challenge you purely for comedy value coz i wouldnt have a hope in **** of winning. but pool… and on an english table.. that could well be a different story on a good day. winner gets your charcoal PRS. loser admits Myles’s superiority. sounds fair eh? lol.

    Dan H, England


    Hey Mark! I’m curious about your workout regimen, how do you keep those guns in shape? Like what type of lifts do you do, and how many repetitions and sets you do?

    ps. I saw Alter Bridge back in November here in Seattle and you guys ROCKED! Did you know Kim Thayil was there watching you guys? I saw him and was like WHOA.


    Hey Mark! Congrats on your baby boy! Sounds like you are enjoying fatherhood! I recently had my twin girls at the last of June. (I met you at the Little Rock concert.) They were pretty early but are finally out of the hospital and home now. So, it’s vomit, drool, and dirty diapers x 2. It’s all good! Take it easy and enjoy every moment that you have with him. They grow up way too fast!


    Hey Mark,

    what’s up? It’s me again… we have a discussion over about your solo for the song “The Way I Am” which you collaborated to Fozzy and we thought it was a good idea to ask you here:

    – Do you play the whole solo? The booklet mentions 3 solos on the song (Rich Ward, you and Rick Beato); We’re guessing you play the first half of the solo and after the finger tapping is someone else, but to be honest we really have no idea.

    – Also… if you were to do a solo album like Santana, who would you like to work with? And what’s your baseball all-time dream team ? =)

    Heh! That’s “just” it! Thanks!

    Rock on,


    So Paulo – Brazil


    Hey Mark,
    I’ve been a fan of your’s since My Own Prison. You are my favorite guitarist of all time! My dream would be to take lessons from you. After reading several articles about you and the band I have come to find that you and I have some things in common. For example: We both love Stevie Ray Vaughan. I could list much more, but that would waste the space I have to write in. I have been lead guitarist in many bands, none of which have been successful because I can’t find anyone that wants to put as much time and effort into a band as I desire to. If you had one piece of advice to help me with this situation what would it be? Thanks…



    Stonewall, Mississippi


    Hi Mark.
    hahaha… that’s funny.

    I’ll reply your forehand smash with my backhand drive.

    Anyway, I didn’t know you’re big baseball fan. I thought you’re big pingpong fan.

    Can I ask you something?

    I’d like to make guitar sound just like you do. (I always wanted.) Do you have any recommendation for guitar pedals that I can use?(I already got Morley Power Wah, And I think I need a distortion pedal that costs under 500bucks) Triple Rectifier is too expensive for me.


    Hello Mark,
    First, excuse me for my english. I’m one of your best french fan and I went to your 2 last shows in Paris !! It was really awesome….I know that there wasn’t a lot of people but I really hope you will be back in Paris soon…to finish my post, just one question mark : why aren’t Creed and now Alter Bridge famous in France ? (like in UK..).I converted all of my friends with your music and I’m sure that your next shows in France would be great !

    Congratulation for the success of Alter Bridge and for your son too 😉




    I saw Alter Bridge when you came through Atlanta back in April. Your cover of Kashmir was awesome. I noticed you have a new Danelectro guitar in your inventory; any chance you guys could cover “In My Time of Dying” when you come through in September? Looking forward to seeing Alter Bridge live again. You guys rock!



    hey im a big fan… love ur music both creed and alterbridge… ive been playin guitar for about 4 or 5 years now and ur my fav guitarist… we should meet up sometime and u can be my teacher.. heck yes that would be awesome



    Look at this guy!

    Just when you think he doesn’t get any cooler, he goes and answers all of our comments.

    Much appreciated, boss!

    Take care,



    Hey Mark, looks you’re being bombarded with comments now 😉

    It was great to hear some songs that were completely your creation on ODR….when you’re songwriting, are visualizations ever evoked in your mind?


    Hey Mark, I’m a newish guitarist (i started about a year ago) and first off i wanna thank you deep down for providing so much inspiration to keep fuelling me…..really awesome stuff man.

    i have a couple of questions. Firstly are there any new guitarists who have impressed you recently?(i’m completely wowed by the guys from Trivium at the moment \m/).

    Also, are there any British bands that you like? (Muse and radiohead are among my favs)as we never seem to hear about bands breaking through in the U.S.




    Hi Mark, my name is Jacy and I’m 14. I have loved you ever since the beginning of Creed, and Alter Bridge is AMAZING! I’ve been lucky so far as to see you TWICE on the tour! Both times were awesome! Anyway, I used to want to play guitar, but I just figured that I never would, and so I kind of left that idea alone especially after Creed ended..but then came Alter Bridge, and after April 16, 2005 when I saw y’all in Biloxi, MS, I was just like “WOW…” You inspired me soo much.
    My dad bought me a guitar, and I’ve been playing since. I just wanted to thank you, and especially thank you for introducing me to Submersed. They are awesome!!

    Congratualtions on your baby! I honestly couldn’t be happier for you. I was soo happy when I read that your wife was pregnany!!:-) Anyway, you are my idol and my inspiration, and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really hope I can meet you one day and tell you this in person. (I don’t know if it is possible, but maybe I will meet you September 29, I’m going to your concert in Baton Rouge..:-) I’m so EXCITED!!)

    Well, good luck with your future endeavors and your baby.





    Hey I’m 14 and from Australia, me n my friends love you!! We know like all the words to all the song (alter bridge and creed), have all the cd’s even a weird dvd haha. When will you guys be in Aus? We would love it sooo much if you came out so get talking with myles,brian n flip.Well hope to see you sooner then later.xoxo.Isobel.

    Oh and Congrats on Austin :):)


    hi mark my names daise ,im fron BRASIL and i love your work sice of creed you have agreat gift and i dont know english very well but i think that youre fantastic i hope watch the alter show some day(its my dream now)brasil isnt so far away usa so WHY YOU NEVER COMES HERE?i would go there if i had money but its like that phase”I WNNA BE POOR SOMEDAY CAUSE BE EVERY DAY IS HARDNESS!!!!!!ok some day i llgrow old and work but coould you look down(brasil)ok isnt one europe (and isnt same)but you have many fans here…beginig to me i think that you should send mails for your fans …TALKIN REAL NOW TRY PUT BRASIL IN YOUR NEXT TRN PLEAAAAAAAAAASE!!!!!!!I BEGGIN I AND THE OTHERS 20.000 OF COMMUNITY, ALIAS DO ONE ORKUT TO TALK WITH BRASILIANS FANS(BEGINING FOR ME AGAIN) AHHHHHHH BEFORE I FORGET THE MOST IMPORTANT”I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!AND MUCH!!




    G?day Mark. My name is Wesley Fuller and I live in Perth, Western Australia. I was wondering if Altered Bridge is coming to Australia any time soon.
    Also- I was wondering what the pyramid that the band makes on the inside cover of the ?Weathered? cd- I think it means something- because it means something very specific to me in regards to my own songwriting. I have written a solo album titled ?Enemies in Trinity? which draws a lot of its themes from the Creed song ?Bullets?. I use a triple rectifer and I still remember the first time I heard one for the first time.

    I would like to get a 1306 t-shirt like the one you?ve got. Does it?s meaning have anything to do with cracking ?base 10??

    Lastly- I was wondering what your thoughts were on Marilyn Manson? He?s been giving me headache amongst other things for a while now. He can be in two places at once it seems.

    I?d love to hear what you think.

    Wesley Fuller


    Hola Mark,
    Yo s que para leer esta mensaje no va ser dificil.

    Congratulations for Alter Bridge!,

    para ti e todos los integrantes de esta estupenda banda.

    Esta foto demuestra mucha la unin entre ustedes!

    Sensacional tu idea de mantener un contacto directo con los que realmente escuchan tus musicas e quieren saber de ustedes.

    Talvez un dia puedan venir a Brazil , es todo lo que queremos!

    Un gran abrazo, e mucha suerte!


    hi mark here im again now sad!!! cause i send the drow did many time for you site and til now nothing!!!!
    i v pass one month to do that and ai nor know if you at least seen!! so ive post the link here try see please

    ah and im still beggin you to come to brazil

    even you play just one time would be fantastic to us.

    i hope tou read it someday and see the drow !!!

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