Jason Grimsley and getting yelled at by Joe Torre

What’s up, Major League baseball fans! Mark Tremonti here from the rock band Alter Bridge. First off, I want to thank MLB for letting us play the Home Run Derby (we had an incredible time) and for letting me share my thoughts with all of you in this blog. Since this is a baseball site I thought I would share some of my baseball stories with all of you.

The first memorable baseball experience in my life that really brought me into the baseball world as far as knowing some of the players happened in New York at Yankee Stadium. I was on tour with Creed at the time and we were asked if we would like to take batting practice. We all were very excited and said yes right away. If I remember correctly, it was set up by one of the trainers but not ok’d by the higher ups, as I will get to later.

So, we are getting ready to walk out on to the field and as we walk by the managers office I see Joe Torre peer out of his office with a look on his face like "who are these guys waking through my clubhouse". We continued to walk out on to the field and watched the guys take batting practice. It was awesome. When it got to be our turn Jason Grimsley Ph_115169_1 walks over and starts talking to us. He was actually on the disabled list at that time but we did not know that.

I began to talk to Jason and he told me that he was a big fan of the band and that he would like to pitch batting practice to us. I said, **** yes, and away we went. I think Scott was the last one up when suddenly Joe Torre comes steaming out of the clubhouse, screaming at Jason at the top of his lungs. He was saying…"I don’t give a bleep who these guys are, get them off of my field." I think we got Jason in some pretty big trouble and it turns out we were ok’d to do it but no one told Joe apparently. He was pretty furious about it but the bottom line is that we got to do it and I’m glad we did. Hey, I’m a Red Sox fan anyway. Haha.

Jason and I still laugh about it to this day. He told me he got reamed pretty good by Joe because he was pitching to us while still on the DL. Jason Grimsley and I became very close friends and we are still close, in fact, he is one of my best friends in the world, baseball or otherwise. Anyways, it was a very unique experience and I am still glad we got to do it and by the way, I came within three feet of jacking one out to center field! Just kidding.

Also, Jason has just gotten off the DL this week and pitched for the Orioles. The guy is an absolute warrior. He had the Tommy John surgery and came back in half the amount of time it takes most people. He is happier than he has ever been and pitching in the mid nineties again. Kick some ***, my brother, you know I am rooting for you!

I’ve got to run because we just got off a two week festival tour and all our gear is getting dumped here in Orlando at our practice facility. I’m on my way there right now to get together with the band to write some new material. We are going to do that for the rest of this month and most of August. We are going to begin touring the states again in late August or early September. Check alterbridge.com for the latest dates. Also, sign up for the forums on alterbridgeband.net. It is a site run by fans that is awesome. My brother updates the forums with all the late breaking news. They also have a wealth of pictures and live video that you can check out.

See you all soon and maybe next time I’ll tell some of my David Wells stories. Or at least the ones that are fit to print!

Mark Tremonti


Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti at the Fields Of Rock in Holland.

Photo by Stijen


  1. ainegoldman@sympatico.ca

    Great Story Mark…as a huge baseball fan and one who was a huge supporter of the Jays…may I just say that Joe Torre is an ***. Glad you guys got to bat with them though. I’ll never go to Yankee stadium but I love it at Shea. Rock on Mark!!!

  2. ibleedpurple@gmail.com

    Agreed, can’t say I’m a big fan of the Yankees (well… can’t say I’m a fan of the Yankees, period), but still a cool story nonetheless. Sorry that my boy Jacque Jones had to torch Grim for a walk-off game winning homer today, but — wait, scratch that, I’m not sorry. hehe… GO TWINS! Anyway… you KNOW I’m looking forward to the new music. Keep us updated, Tru, and thanks for starting up this blog, it’s always fun reading. ROCK ON BUDDY \m/

  3. mtkohl3041@aol.com

    What’s up, Mark?
    As a HUGE Baseball fan(and most importantly a DIEHARD Phillies fan) myself, and of course a fan of yours, I must say this is GREAT STUFF! Ironically, my initial connection to you, Creed and Alter Bridge is through baseball. My cousin is Mike Di Felice, who is a MLB Catcher. He’s playing in the Mets organization this year; but he was playing for the Royals, when you threw out a first pitch at a game there, so it’s possible that the two of you met. Anyways, he turned me on to Creed when I spent a week with him and his family a few years ago…it was ALL we listened to ALL week!!! We don’t get to see or talk to each other much, for obvious reasons; but I’m sure he’s listening to Alter Bridge these days too.

    It was SO exciting to see you guys perform at the All-Star Game; what a thrill that must have been, and what a GREAT show you put on.

    Keep Rockin’ and Writin’!


  4. Bob

    that’s a great story….I just can’t see Torre being so mad though. Maybe he should get like that a little more to put some fire under the Yanks. Then again, I can’t stand them so maybe not. I look forward to reading your posts.



  5. Shannon

    Hi there Mark I’m glad you love baseball to.Please check out my baseball blog. http://shananddebsbaseball.mlblogs.com/ The blog was going to be used be me and this lady debbie i meet at a games several years ago. But a bit after i started it. I cut ties with her.So all you see is written by me. Tell Mike Piazza that Shannon says Hi. Mike only knows who i am because i know his friend and former teamate Todd Zeile.Please share more of your baseball thoughts with us fans. Bye Shannon

  6. echelon122@aol.com

    Hi Mark,
    Great to see you in action and havin fun, Would love to see more pictures!

    lots and lots of kisses and hugs.

    Erin šŸ˜‰

  7. j.beykirch@wanadoo.nl

    Hi Mark, sorry but baseball is not my thing. I just want to say that I like the picture taken at Fields of Rock in Holland! This gig was brilliant, bought immidiately a ticket to see Alterbridge again at Paradiso’s in Amsterdam at 21 nov. 2005. Is Myles doing his stunt again with the monitor as he did at Fields? (hihi). Cu soon greatings Jacqueline

  8. kissncreed@yahoo.com

    Mark, I’m a huge fan of yours, but even a larger fan of CREED. I’m too darn old to be following new bands, I’m basically stuck in the 80’s. Creed was the first band I listened to that did not play in the 80’s. Creed just blew me away. I’ve been a KISS fan for about 28 years, been their through thick and thin, and it was very thin for several years.

    I really thought Creed would be the next band that I would listen to, for at least the next 25 years.

    I do not mean any disrespect to you or Myles, but it is time to get THE BAND BACK TOGETHER!!!! I know that their are some bad feelings between members, I am aware of things that the band members had experienced leading up to the break-up. I was even at THE SHOW in Rosemont, IL. I saw the pi$$ed off look on your face throughout the show, while I was in disbelief. Prednosone?!? YA, RIGHT!!!! I would have been happy with some what of an apology, I would not have sued you. Creed in an altered state is MUCH BETTER than almost all bands that are or are not in a similiar state of mind. I see some of these new bands, they S*CK. The more of these bands I see or hear, the more I admire what geniuses CREED was.

    Mark, CREED was THE LARGEST BAND THE WORLD at a time. Now your playing Beloit Fest??? (which is not all that far from me)

    The Eagles said that they would play together when H*LL froze over. For 9-digits H*ll froze over! Have some pride, you deserve to be playing sold-out stadiums, not Beloit Fest, or Summer Fest in Milwaukee (NOT on the MAIN STAGE)

    I hope you really read this, I actually have a lot more to say to you. I hate to see you and the rest of the band WASTE the prime years of your career.

    Best of Luck in whatever you do, hopefully a CREED reunion,


  9. gregbaum2000@yahoo.com

    mark i am unbelievably excited about the news i just got. You guys are coming to Evansville, IN!!!! Gonna try real hard to get backstage. see you then dude!

  10. 2beach4us5@adelphia.net

    Hi Mark,
    I must disagree with the 8/17 post about Creed. Yes, we are big fans of Creed, but now we are even bigger fans of Alter Bridge. We love your “grass roots of rock” approach….my husband and I have had the pleasure of seeing you “up close” at the Agora in Cleveland, and then in the front row at Beloit…what a thrill! You continue to write songs that rock “and” inspire! My husband, Rob, and I travelled to Beloit for your performance on our 17th wedding anniversary on 7/16! Thanks for making our night with an incredible concert. We had the thrill of meeting you after the show.You were kind enough to shake our hands and pose for a picture (I was the blond in orange :)). Rob took some terrific digital pics of you and Myles during the concert. With the suneset and the blue sky as a backdrop, they are quite striking. We would like to give you them on a disc, but we weren’t sure where to send them. I really think you could use some of them to promote your band, they are vibrant and clear. Please let us know. And lastly, we wish you the best with your new little one….we have 3 kids so…we can definitely relate. Also, I know it has been some time since the loss of your mother, but none-the-less, please know that we feel for you and are inspired by the song(s) you wrote for her. Karen

  11. rewil_21@yahoo.com

    hey mark!!!always keep up the good work..cause for me your the best among the rest >>>>just always take care of your self and for the member of the band of alter bridge>>im the number1 fan of MARK TREMONTE …..

    (REX WILSON)#1 fan of mark tremonte

  12. jake_hdyk@fastmail.fm

    hey Mark!!! some of my friends think that u dont reply peoples comments and u have someone else do it for u, but I tell them its really u, I’m right aren’t I?
    Holts #1 Tremonti fan! -Jake

  13. creed_tremonti@ig.com.br

    Mark, I love you!!
    You’re the best guitarrist of the world!!

    When Alter Bridge will come to Brazil??

    I would like to see you playing for us!!

    Lots and lots of kisses


  14. thehun32@hotmail.com

    hey man hows it going .i just want to say how u inspire me to play the guitar your honestly a riff GOD!hopefully alter bridge comes to New Zealand i memba wen creed came an i went to see you .96 -97 im not to sure.it rocked .my dream is to be in your shoes playing on stage SHREEDING!!!i love your music mark .you keep writing it an il keep learning it.it would be a honour to hear from you.#1 fan!rock on!an hopefully i see you in NZ,christchurch soon .cheers mark .BRAD. peace.

  15. rosepetal4@adelphia.net

    Hi Mark, it’s Karen, (check out the August 24th email under the 2beach4us5 address). I’ll give you an obscure question, for Jake: when you greeted your fans after the show in Beloit did you meet us backstage, right next to your tour bus, or in a dimly lit parking lot?…. that is if you can remember! We will be at your Youngstown concert on 10/29….should we just bring you a disc of the fabulous Beloit pics? By the way, I need another pic with you because my eyes were closed and we were so excited, we didn’t even use a flash…I guess we were a “little gitty” to meet you. šŸ™‚ I wish you the best on your tour, now I have to prep for my “tour” in my classroom….from the Kindergarten teacher that rocks.

  16. hughsbuddyjt@netscape.net

    Hey Mark my name its Joe you rock bro I saw you in 2001 with creed at the ampitheater and been waiting for you to come back down to Florida. Your music is what inspires me to play.Plus I’m a huge Red Sox fan. Rock on

  17. www.geoff_eigenmann07@yahoo.com

    hi mark! i just wanna ask if you’ll be having any concert here in asia. especially here in the philippines. filipino people love alter bridge… by the way, my name’s Ruther. all of my friends here in baguio city are mark tremonti addicts and alter bridge addicts as well…. i hope you’ll read this soon. you rule!!!! keep rockin’!

  18. kjlbbb@yahoo.com

    Hey Mark,
    You are the best guitarist ever! I have two pictures of you in my room. I want to get a Tremonti PRS. The CD rules, I have the Creed ones too. I live in Saskatchewan Canada. I was wondering if on alter bridges website, to become a member, because I live in Canada, I can’t join, are you guys planning on making that available to Canada. I have about every video of Creed and Alter Bridge performing live or the music videos. Someday if you guys go to like Calgary for a concert, be sure to tell me, I would love to drive up there and see you guys. I am only 13 but I am in a band already with my friends, I play guitar and my best friend Josh plays the drums, he is amazing already, Travis plays bass. I can play Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, and Alto Saxophone. I definately prefer guitar. You biggest fan ever, Lonnie Hunter. Oh and do you have like MSN or anything like that so I could put you on mine?

    God Bless, and Rock On!

  19. weatherednboston@gmail.com

    Mark I miss you terribly. Even though I like Alter Bridge alot I ache for the Creed days. I will buy any CD that you release….but please I’m begging you down on my knees and crying PLEASE COME BACK TO BOSTON…and please settle things with Stapp. Dont say no looking back because forever without creed is the sadest thing in the world to me. Miss you! Miss Creed! Will support you always no matter what you do! Cutie!

  20. waltergiardino86@hotmail.com

    hey mark, how are you doin’? i am from argentina, look how far your music reachs. i wanted to know when are you going to record a new cd, the first one was so good that i can’t wait till the second one. also i wanted you to know that i play the guitar since i heard the with arms wide open’s solo,it really touch me. Please post more lessons, they are great.
    god bless alter bridge.

  21. aw_rogers@hotmail.com

    hey mark, how you doing, i’m only 15 and i’v seen steve vai a incredable guitar player and i’v seen satch who i think is amazing……but you top them both, i think that you are faster, better, and much much more musical your solos and riffs are amazing, i hope that i can be like you someay, i own currently a epiphone explorer with EMG’s a Jackson RR3, Fender strat and a les paul copy, i play about 2-3 hours a day i hope someday to be as good as you, you inspire me. thanks!

  22. chip.tait@earthlink.net

    Seems that Jason Grimsley turned out to be a hypocrite, liar and a cheater. Then he decided to name names in an attempt to save his own hide.

    What a shame.

  23. lshamy@cfl.rr.com

    Hey there Mark… not sure when you checked this last but I just had to ask… seeing that you met Jason Grimsley and Chip above me has already chimed in, what DO you think of his release from baseball after all his years?

    Hope this finds you well. Lenore

  24. blueleopard31@hotmail.com

    Yo. How’s everyone doing? I know you’re the man Mark, no denying that. But just want to thank all your fans for posting too. Sorry to take some of the limelight off you Mark. lol. Maybe when Alter Bridge end (though I hope it never does) we could shoot a documentary. Or if you ever let me on tour with you guys I could shoot a documentary then. Anyways Baseball rules, sorry to have a different point of view but I’m an LA fan. Anyways everyone, add me on MSN if you want, hi to everyone on here **thumbs up sign**

  25. blueleopard31@hotmail.com

    Also saw a video of your enter sandman Mark. Very cool, especially when you forgot the words. šŸ™‚

  26. bunnyh70@msn.com

    Hey Mark,
    When is the band coming back to Chicago or in the area for another concert? I’ll keep checking and by the way, Have a great summer!

  27. wesley_fuller@aapt.net.au

    G?day Mark. My name is Wesley Fuller and I live in Perth, Western Australia. I was wondering if Altered Bridge is coming to Australia any time soon.
    Also- I was wondering what the pyramid that the band makes on the inside cover of the ?Weathered? cd- I think it means something- because it means something very specific to me in regards to my own songwriting. I have written a solo album titled ?Enemies in Trinity? which draws a lot of its themes from the Creed song ?Bullets?. I use a triple rectifer and I still remember the first time I heard one for the first time.

    I would like to get a 1306 t-shirt like the one you?ve got. Does it?s meaning have anything to do with cracking ?base 10??

    Lastly- I was wondering what your thoughts were on Marilyn Manson? He?s been giving me headache amongst other things for a while now. He can be in two places at once it seems.

    I?d love to hear what you think.

    Wesley Fuller

  28. bunnyh70@msn.com

    Do you think your hometown team will take it all the way? I’m cheering them on even though the cardinals are a tough team to beat. Go Tigers!!!

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